Philadelphia Contractor's License? Yes! It's Here!

I'm already licensed with the State; and least time I checked Philadelphia is within the State. Right? Yes and No! The City of Philadelphia as of January 1, 2014, .

Can my employees check their Personnel File?

Employees have a right to review their personnel file in Pennsylvania. this includes employment application, etc.  

Your Business New Years Resolutions?

NOW that it's a new year. Here’s your chance to correct or change some lingering business issues you might still be facing. Like what? 

How to make sure your small business Investor is a true Investor and not a "Wolf Investor"

If you're a business owner, at some point during your operations you've probably needed an infusion of cash or a true capital investment

How to Avoid defaulting on your Commercial Lease

Have you ever heard of a Deferred Payment Agreement "DPA"?

So you're a small business owner staring at your bank account and realizing the slow economy has finally caught up to you. 

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10 Tips for buying a Small Business?

Be careful that you have picked the right industry

Buying a small business may seem an exciting thing to do. Here are 10 Tips to bear in mind when acquiring a small business.

What type of Commercial Lease is best for your Small Business?

What Are The Different Types of Commercial Leases? Typically, when dealing with commercial real estate to lease in Pennsylvania or New Jersey a gross, single net, double net, triple net, or percentage lease is used. 

Do you have your Contractor's License?

Pennsylvania's Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act.

We have been telling our Contractor clients for years to prepare themselves and to get their ducks lined up as Pennsylvania's Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act went into effect  (July 1, 2009) as it was signed into law back in October 17, 2008, by Governor Ed Rendell. 

"Small Business Blogs"

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10 Mistakes to avoid when starting a Non-Profit?

While there are many variables taht may lead to why so many non-profit organizations close within one to two years of filing their state paperwork 

It's Okay to Be a Two Faced Professional!

Why being two faced is not a bad thing today! ​Yes, you read correctly, I’ll say it again “being two faced is good “especially if you’re a business professional,