Okay, so you have a State Contractor's License! But you're still not legit? 

Contractor's License Requirement when Performing in the City of Philadelphia

We have been telling our Contractor clients since 2013 to prepare themselves and to get their ducks lined up if you perform contracting services within the City of Philadelphia. Yes the City of Philadelphia Contractor Registrations took effect back on January 1, 2014, why talk about it a year later? Because many Contractors still don't know that they are required to be licensed and if caught without registration, it could cost you a pretty penny! 

You may be thinking to yourself "I already registered with the State so I'm covered" right? Wrong! Why not? Let me explain, hopefully this will clear up a few things regarding the City of Philadelphia Contractor License Registration and the State of Pennsylvania Contractor License Registration better know as Pennsylvania's Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act which went into effect  (July 1, 2009) as it was signed into law back in October 17, 2008, by Governor Ed Rendell.

State Registration License Requirements for All Contractors (Statewide):

Any Contractor who performs the following repair, replacement, remodeling, demolition, removal, renovation, installation, alteration, conversion, modernization, improvement, rehabilitation or sandblasting. Construction, replacement, installation or improvement of driveways, swimming pools, pool houses, porches, garages, roofs, siding, insulation, solar energy systems, security systems, flooring, patios, fences,gazebos, sheds, cabanas, certain landscaping, painting, doors and windows and waterproofing. The installation of central heating or air conditioning or storm windows or awnings, this law affects you and you're required to be registered in the state of Pennsylvania.

Contractor's must renew their registration every two years. Contractors must include their contractor's registration number on all your advertisements, contracts, estimates and proposals after July 1, 2009. For more on State Required Contractor Registration click here.

Need a Philadelphia Licensed Contractor?:

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City of Philadelphia Contractor License: (Performing Services in Philadelphia)
(Title 9 of the Philadelphia Code)

A Contractor's License is required of any Contractor who performs work within the City of Philadelphia in which the contractor is paid $500 or more. Contractors must annually reapply for a license and submit a bond.​

To get a Contractor's License, you need the following:

A Commercial Activity License,
A Business Tax Identification Number,
Worker's Compensation and Employer's Liability Coverage,
Comprehensive General Liability Coverage,
Motor Vehicle Liability Coverage,
A Performance Bond for if your are Curb Setter, and
The cost for the General Contractor License is $100.00.

Hold on, The City is done just yet, additionally, all licensed Contractors, Registered Master Plumbers, Electrical Contractors, Warm Air Installers and Fire Suppression System Contractors licensed pursuant to Title 9 of the Philadelphia Code are required to meet the following conditions:

Contractors shall display their license number on the following:

Contractor's stationery;
Proposals and Contracts;
Job sites;
Contractor's main place of business; and
Business vehicles displaying the Contractor's business name
License numbers displayed on vehicles must be at least 2 inches in height and clearly visible.

@ No Contractor shall sell, transfer, or permit another person to use the license assigned to the Contractor to secure permits or perform activity. 

@ No Contractor shall sell, transfer, or otherwise allow another person or business entity to use a permit issued to the Contractor to perform construction work.  

@ The primary Contractor on each permitted job site, except for work on residential buildings of two dwelling units or less, shall post the following information at each jobsite:

@ The address of the construction site; The Prime Contractor's business name, business address, and contractor license number; A list of all subcontractors used on the project with their respective license numbers; Documentation that the contractor has all required licenses;

@ The name of the Property Owner;
@ A copy of all permits for the project (required on all job sites);
@ A copy of the contractor’s insurance certificate (required on all job sites).

If you are not in compliance with the new City of Philadelphia Contractor's License Registration, give us a call we can help.  

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Philadelphia's Contractor License Requirements

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