Is Being Two Faced Good? Yes!

Why being two faced is not a bad thing today! 

​Yes, you read correctly. I’ll say it again “being two faced is good“ especially if you’re a business professional, particularly one who gives out professional advice to the general public and clients. In the old days and even to this very day, if someone called you two faced it probably wasn’t meant as a compliment; but rather as a insult.

Here’s one definition of being two faced “When a person acts a certain way in one place and acts different in another”. So then why is that a good thing for professionals? When I say being two faced is good, I am speaking in terms of social media, particularly Facebook. Let me explain, if you’re a professional offering professional advice to clients and the general public it may be a good idea to have two faces or at least two Facebook accounts. Why? Because Google and other popular search engines make it really easy to find you and if you have a Facebook account in your name, guess what? That Facebook information will surely pop up on one of those many search engines. Even if you opt not to be found in search engines (an option you can choose on Facebook), this is a small world and it doesn't take long for someone you know or for Facebook's Mutual Friend Search algorithm matches or "suggest" you and your client become friends.

Who Cares?It’s just a Facebook account? Believe it or not your clients, colleagues or employees may care. If your clients find you on Facebook including potential clients (not to mention employees) they may send you a friend request and if and when that happens, either you have to be on your best behavior (no more funny post, no more telling it like it is, no more “hey anybody down for drinks @ 6 tonight) or you don’t accept their friend request. And, well that could be a very odd conversation next time you speak with them. “Hey, I saw you were on Facebook so I sent you a friend request, did you get it? That’s when you’ll either have to lie and say you didn’t get it or try and say something politically correct like ”I appreciate your friend request but I only accept requests from my friends” or "yeah, I’m not on that thing that much so I didn’t check”.  Either way, conversations about not accepting friend requests from clients or employees could lead to hurt feelings and in some cases loss of business if the client truly looked at you as a friend. I always say, without clients “I wouldn’t have any friends".

Become two Faced: To avoid potential professional nightmares or clients, employees and colleagues prying into your private life, I suggest having two Facebook accounts, hence being two faced.

Professional Public Face: Try setting up a Facebook account in your personal and full name (John K. Smith), this professional account should be used for clients, employees, business colleague’s potential clients, employers and the general public.

Private Personal Face:  Use this private face account using a nick name (Johnny 6 Pack) or other.  This nickname account should be only for family, close friends and people who share in your hobbies like your weird, crazy drinking, fishing and shooting range buddies and their fun friends.

Keeping Your Faces Separate: When using your nickname and professional accounts you should avoid mixing the same people and friends between accounts. Because Facebook employs technology that is constantly cross referencing its user’s names, photo tags, and related data to match people with advertising by having the same people in both accounts will eventually lead your professional friends and clients to be linked with your private account. And the friend requests will surely follow.  

Controversial Activities: if you participate, plan to, attend or support controversial hobbies or activities in your spare time (political, human rights, religious, gun rights and Constitutional activism) and you choose not to share your views with your clients, employees or fellow colleagues or if you feel it’s none of their business, then you definitely want to use your nickname private account.  

You’re being watched: When you’re on any social media outlet especially as popular as Facebook and Twitter, you should always assume you are being monitored. No, not by the NSA, but by your friends, clients, potential employees and even friends of friends. This is why a Professional account will come in handy along with helping preserve your professional image to the general public, your clients, employees, colleagues and potential clients. 

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Being a Two Faced Professional is a Good Thing in Today's World

Why Today's Professional should be Two Faced!

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